The Beacon Program for Martial Artists

This program was created by Master Troy Gaines Sr. to assist Martial Artists with continuing their education in the Art.

Conventional wisdom suggests that out of every 1,000 students who start their Martial Arts journey only 10% will reach the level of Black Belt, and out of this group only 10% will reach the level of Master.

​While the reason for dropping out can be many, Master Gaines's singular mission is one

that can enable you to reach your true potential in the Arts.

The Beacon Program is an outgrowth of his desire to help others achieve their Martial Arts goals. Master Gaines is extremely passionate about providing an avenue for Martial Artists

to train, grow, and develop their technique. This program is designed for the Martial Artist

of any rank who ​is looking for a Master Instructor to help them reach their next level find themselves without a School or Instructor recently relocated to Cincinnati and are looking

for a new school

Here's how to get started in the Beacon Program

1.  Contact Master Troy Gaines Sr.
​​​      a. By phone: 513-520-9062
​      b. By email:

2.  Present a copy of your most recent certificate of rank

3.  Meet with Master Troy Gaines Sr. for a skill level review
     a. If there is a gap between your skill level and your certificate of rank, Master Gaines

         will set up a training schedule to help close these gaps. The training period can be a 

         minimum of 3 months or more (3, 6, 9, 12 months)

​4.  Once you have completed your training, you will be eligible to test for your next rank.

​Now a little history about Master Gaines:
Master Troy Gaines Sr. is the Founder, Owner, and Senior Master Instructor at the Ohio Taekwondo Academy. He has over 33 years of experience in Martial Arts and holds rank in

the following disciplines:

Taekwondo     --- Master Instructor, 7th Dan
​Hapkido          --- Master Instructor, 4th Dan
Tang Soo Do  --- Master Instructor, 4th Dan

Ohio Taekwondo


Blue Ash Recreation Center
4433 Cooper Rd. Blue Ash, Ohio 45242