May 2015 Gup promotion test. Congratulations to all the students who successfully tested today. 

March and April 2015 Gup Belt Testing. Great job guys. Keep up the hard work.

This is "T" and Audrey Tamsukhin. Father and daughter train together at the Blue Ash  Recreation.   Audrey at age 4 1/2  is our youngest Taekwondo student. She recently earned her orange belt.  She trains hard with her Dad each week on inproveing her techniques.  Audrey, we are all so proud of you.

Team OTA 1st place winners at the 2015 AAU Qualifier. 

7504 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231


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Ohio Taekwondo Academy

OTA students training for the next tournament. 

Congratulations Black Belts on your new promotion.  You guys did an outstanding job. I am extermely proud to be your instructor.

Master Troy Gaines Sr.