Blue Ash Recreation Center
4433 Cooper Rd. Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

Ohio Taekwondo


                                     Welcome to Ohio Taekwondo Academy

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best possible training, education, and leadership to our students in a way that will help them to discover their "best self" by finding the right mental and physical balance so that they can lead healthy and successful lives.

Our History

The Ohio Taekwondo Academy was founded in 2003. A family owned and operated business designed to cater to students of all ages and abilities.  The vision is a simple one, to create a learning environment that's built on the guiding principles of Discipline, Respect, Self-Confidence, and Perseverance while never losing sight of the importance that family plays in life and achieving one's goals.

Our Self-Defense Systems

At Ohio Taekwondo Academy, we focus on equipping our students with the appropriate skills to defend themselves from long and short distance attackers. We achieve that goal by offering our students the option to study Taekwondo (a long range self-defense system) and or Hapkido (an extremely effective short range self-defense system).